Friday, October 17, 2008

The Beginnig

It all began in January of 2007. I decided that I wanted to start working out more, get in better shape and loose a few pounds. I decided to buy a membership to the local YMCA here in Boothbay Harbor. I started going to the Y and exercising a few times a week. I began to swim in the pool which I began to enjoy as well as biking, running and lifting weights. Sometime in the spring of 2007 I began to think of triathlon as a way to challenge myself as well as to test if my workouts were paying off. I started to look at races in Maine. I registered for the Pumpkinman Sprint Triatlon in Berwick Maine scheduled for mid September. This would give me several months to work towards a goal. It was in the spring that I then became a full on triathlete consumer. I bought a new 2000 dollar bike online. Started sending for wetsuits, sports clothing, running shoes and more. It is also at this time that I met Doug Welling at Midcoast Multisport in Brunnswick Maine. He helped me in several ways by talking to me about his own experience in racing in Ironman events, training and nutrition. They also built my bike when it arrived and he help me with my running stride, swim lessons and with gear from his store. He also helped build my enthusiasm for the sport. By June of 2007 I raced in my first running race which was here in Boothbay called the Rocky Coast Road Race which is a 10K or 6.2 miles. I finished in 44:09, was 15th overall out of about 65 and 1st in my age group of 44-49. This made me start thinking that my workouts were paying off. I was getting hooked on the exercise and the addiction to adrenaline was slowly creeping into my veins. 

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