Monday, March 16, 2009

It's all in the Training

People from time to time have been asking me what I do to train how and what my nutrition plan is etc. This year I stumbled across a 29 week training plan at It is sponsored by powerbar so they basically are trying to get you to use their product. I use their gels and sometimes their bars. Point aside, you can click on the link here to see the plan.
I am currently on week 10. My mindset is that you always need to be flexible because with life in general there is always something that comes up that does not allow you to get everything done that you would like. There are not enough hours in the days. That being said I follow this training plan to the point that I try to get all of the things listed in the week done in that week although not always in the order or days that they have listed. For instance it may say to bike 80 miles on wednesday and 60 on saturday. Since I cannot even ride outside yet. I have my bike in my bedroom on a trainer, much to my wife Marnies dislike (actually she is a pretty good sport about it) , I have to ride on either my trainer, a stationary at the Y or at a spinning class at the Y or my monday night triathlon class at the Y. I figure when I usually ride outdoors I average about 20 miles an hour so if I am supposed to ride 140 miles in a week that breaks down to 7 hours. So in the period of the week I try to ride a total of 7 hours. Usually I have to break it up into an hour here two hours there etc. So I may not get the exercise effect of  a four hour ride that the plan suggests I still try to get the hours in each week. I do pretty good but have had a couple of weeks that I have not got everything in that I should. Soon, hopefully in early May the bike will go outside and I will start doing 100 milers about once a weeek  on my days off. I also do 2 weight workouts each week (or try to) which are right around an hour and focus on not getting big but strengthening the muscles used in swimming biking and running. So here is a sample week I will give you what I did last week (Week 8) a pretty heavy week and then week 9 (this week) a bit of a rest week. Also to note I keep track of everything I do. Week 8 and 9 were the same on the plan due to an error I believe so I modified week 8.
Monday (usually my biggest day) 3/9 - swam 2 1/4 miles w/ 4x400m with each 400 getting faster (Y-Pool) this includes the 30 minutes of swimming in the Tri class I have Monday nights. 
3/9 - I hour (20 miles on stationary at Y- level 10 random) 
3/9 - Biked an extra 30 minutes (10 miles approx) and Ran 3.5 miles (Tri-Class) 
3/10 Ran 6 miles - 2 easy, 2 moderate, 2 strong (45 minutes) 
3/11 Weight workout
3/11 20 Mile bike (hour spinclass at Y)
3/12 Run 8 Miles (Track at Y) Finished strong
3/12 Swam 1 mile (was supposed to do 1.5 not enough time)
3/13 Biked 40 miles (2 hours) at home stationary
3/13 Weight workout
3/14 Swam 2 miles Y pool. (1 hour 7 minutes) then changed and went for 
3/14 10 mile run outside - Back River/Dover/Adams pond loop from Y - 78 minutes 
3/15 off work sunday brunch. 

So that is what my training is like. Click the link if you want to see more of what I have coming. I only print out 2 weeks at a time so I don't even know what is coming. My base phase is almost over and my specific/build phase is about to start. 
Now people have often asked about nutrition/eating and in triathlon this is considered the fourth discipline. I do not have specifics, I eat a lot and basically try and eat healthy. Lean proteins, fruits, vegetables,  and whole grains. I usually do a couple to 3 cups of coffee while I am doing stuff like I am  doing now, waking up, face book, checking news and weather on my computer. Then before getting going on my workouts I eat a breakfast of a sliced banana in a bowl with a oatmeal or rice dish that I make in large quantities that last me the week this I top with strawberries and nonfat French Vanilla yogurt and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole grain bread. Once in a while I will do scrambled eggs etc. Lunch is chips and salsa, a huge salad with veggies, avocado, nuts, tomatoes if on hand etc slice of bread with butte. Dinners range from large pasta outings, spag with veggies, veggie lasagna, to lean meats, post roasts etc. Not to get into all the scientific mumbo carbs are the dominate fuel in endurance exercise so focus is on lots of carbs. When I workout I drink Nunn with is an elecrolyte replacement as well as a carb drink. Right now I am experimenting with several. Infinite, Cytomax, EFS, Gatorade endurance, etc. I also often drink a water bottle mixed with Recoverite after intense workouts to help with muscle recovery(protein and glutamine). Well not to bore all of you too much but some of you asked. You can click on the training link I provided you to see what I have coming as far as my training. I can't wait to get outside on the bike. Winter is finally receding in Maine and snow is melting. Well it is time to eat that breakfast I had talked about and play with my daughter. My workout today Monday again my biggest day usually will begin at about 3 p.m and go until 7. I will probably write again soon and post my race schedule for the season. Limited racing this year with bigger races more work to try and save some money this summer. I really want that bike the Ridley Dean. Click here to see my dream machine
I won't tell you how much it costs.