Monday, June 1, 2009

First Race of 2009

Bath Y - Tri 5/31/2009 - 1:04:15 ---- 525 Meter Swim, 11 Mile Bike, 3.1 Mile Run (5K)

First race of the year went well and I felt strong throughout. I finished with a 1:04:15. Over a minute better than last year. While I was running however I thought that I was going to beat that by more. I guess I felt stronger but really wasn't going much faster. I placed 5th overall out of 155 starters and second in my age group, the mens 45-49. Although I am only 44 under USAT rules you race as to what your age is at the end of the year, which will be 45. Next weekend is my 3rd Half - Ironman ever and the first and probably only Half - Ironman for this year. This will be a good early season test to see how my winter training has paid off. It is down in New Hampshire and is called the Mooseman. I will be leaving early Saturday and returning Sunday evening. Until then.