Monday, February 9, 2009

Training Setbacks and Success

Well the new year started off great with a good attitude and motivation. Then a weekend in Minneapolis to "party" and see some music led to a flu bug and a week off and out of training. It is interesting to note that even a week of inactivity and in bed for about three days really can set you back. I got on the bike today for 45 minutes and felt like I was back to square one. Also the bike being my strongest of the three disciplines I started to think about running... ouch. Well setback as that may be I can only move forward. I am starting to put my season together as far as racing and training. As a step-father of three and father of one and trying to balance schedules with my wife I sometimes wonder why I am attempting an Ironman. The usual doubts come to mind. I don't have the training time. I shouldn't subject my family to this, time away training, relying on older siblings to baby-sit while I train. Sometimes I wonder why and what I am doing. Then I thought about something. When I was on the bike today even though only for 45 minutes I felt so alive and felt the best that I had since falling ill 5 days ago. I realize that I always feel the most alive and at my best when I am exercising hard. If I can balance that with family, work and personal time then that will hopefully make me feel alive, healthy and happy. One cannot ask for much more than that in life. To test my own physical being in an Ironman distance race could be one of the greatest feelings of elation I could have. I think often and try to visualize what this Ironman race would be like. Suffer through the swim without a wetsuit but still do ok. Get on the bike and ride for 5 to 6 hours in blistering 95 degree heat with 90% humidity and then try to run a marathon. It seems daunting and the heat of Louisville in August scares me. But all of these things that make for a great challenge make for a much greater feeling if and when I cross the finish line and that is also something that I envision and that is the vision that keeps me training, racing and coming back for more. Until next time.