Wednesday, October 22, 2008

2008 The Year of Progress

Finishing 2007 on a good note and being totally hooked on the sport I set my sites to 2008. Once again I started looking to races in 2008. I also started buying more gear online. A true 
triathlete consumer of goods had been born. I kept up on my workout routine and thankfully through the local  YMCA here in Boothbay a Triathlon class was started which offered a great way through the winter and spring to keep on a program of progress. The Y also offers many spinning classes throughout the week to keep up with biking fitness. So I began to think of how to improve upon my current level of fitness and start trying some longer race. With this whole triathlon thing, at least speaking for myself and I think that many others feel the same way, is that once the bug bites you you want to see how far you can take it. My point being that you start training and think that you can never finish a sprint or the shortest of triathlons. Then you do that and think, wow!, I could do more than that. You start looking at magazines of the world champion Ironman in Kona, Hawaii and start thinking that you would like to make it there someday and could you ever be lucky enough to even finish an Ironman length event. And you also start thinking how you would love that $8000 dollar triathlon bike. OUCH! Anyhow, I digress. So looking at 2008 and many races in the area I started planning my 2008 race schedule. I probably spent 1000 dollars in early spring registering for races. The first being the Sugarloaf Marathon in Kingfield, Maine. I needed to prove to myself that I could at least run a marathon before ever trying for an Ironman event where you have to run a marathon after biking 112 miles and swimming 2.4, daunting to say the least. Then I registered for two Half-Ironman events, one on the national 70.3 circuit in Providence R.I and Maines first Half-Ironman in South Berwick for September of 2008. I also registered for 2 Sprint distance triathlons being the Bath Y Tri and the Maine State Triathlon in Bethel. And I registered for 3 olympic/international distance tries being the Belgrade Lakes, Urban Epic in Portland and the Lobsterman in Freeport. My race calendar was set but was I ready? 

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