Thursday, January 15, 2009

2009 Iron Dreams and Bigger and Better Things

So begins 2009 and for the most part feeling that 2008 was a great year for me. At least for my triathlon accomplishments and job in Boothbay. As far as a career, well in Boothbay waiting tables is probably about as lucrative as anything else although not quite as glamorous as a full blown carreer. With 2009 here and Fiona starting school in the fall, it is a year of reflection, renewal and perhaps yet another career change. However, this is a blog about my triathlete and triathlon accomplishments and not about the rest of my life so I will refrain from personal reflection. In the fall and after what I thought to be an incredible year for me in triathlon and racing I decided that the next logical step was a full blown Ironman. This is a 2.4 mile swim, a 112 mile bike followed by a full 26.2 mile marathon. This is a daunting and intimidating distance. I registered for the Louisville Ironman in September of 2008 and really thought that I would not follow through and cancel based on monetary and financial obligations. But as the new year rolled around and self evaluation continued I recently made a commitment by purchasing my plane flight, hotel and rental car I am almost committed to making the trip and competing in what would be the realization of a three year dream which I call the Iron Dream. Now all I need to do is commit to the training, which is the biggest time consuming factor of it all. It is a hard balance training, keep family obligations and family, personal time, and time with Marnie and work time while trying to put in the time needed to complete something as big as an Ironman. As I progress towards this Iron journey I will try to keep this post updated. I have a couple of smaller Triathlons as well as the Sugarloaf Marathon again in my sites for this year before the culmination of the Louisville Ironman. If you wish you can find more information here at and until next time. Feel free to follow this blog and write me if you have any questions about training, racing, or anything triathlon. 
Happy 2009 and all the best from our family to yours. Sincerely,
Cameron Mitchell


Stephanie Miller said...

Cam you are an inspiration to us all!

Sara and I are going to train for the Lobsterman Tri...maybe we should get our training/eating tips from you!!!

Cameron Mitchell said...

Thanks for the nice comments. As far as eating goes, are you talking about eating in general or during a race. My eating habits are pretty healthy but also boring. Lots of whole grains, lean protein, fresh veggies, fruits, pasta salads, fish. A good variety. I usually make a big pot of something that last a week or so. That is why it gets boring. You get tired of it after a few days.